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We will see it.....eventually. "Carking" through Utah :)

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Happy 74th Birthday, Mom.....Mom in the "Motherland" that is Poland

"Do you want to go for a sleigh ride?"

....amongst elk herds in Wyoming?

Most of our mother/daughter travel adventures start off that simply.  I wish I could tell you that there was some sort of grand planning strategy but it usually just starts with a question. Mom says, "Yes" and off we go.

Here's the thing.  I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming a few weeks ago.  I could have taken the sleigh ride.  It's a one hour ride.  But I knew (because I just KNOW) if I came home and said to my Mom, "Look at these terrific pictures I took during my cool (literally, as the temperatures are hovering around 20 degrees in Jackson Hole this time of year) sleigh ride" that perhaps that would be the last time Mom would cook a meal for me or she would disown me at my tender age of 55 (56 years of age now as I wrote this back in March and have seen a birthday come and go since).

The National Elk Refuge is yet another spectacular national treasure.  It is part of the migratory path for about 9,000+ elk.  They are not at…